About Us

Mega Measurements CC is a company dedicated to the sale and service of measuring tools, namely ULTRASONIC LEVEL / PUMPCONTROL, OPEN CHANNEL FLOW MEASUREMENT, POINT LEVEL MEASUREMENT. Mega Measurements is a South African based company, established in late 1992, currently operating out of Pietermaritzburg in KwaZulu Natal, however we do make use of a number of sub distributors located all over South Africa.  Please contact us to find out more.
We are the appointed distrubutors of PULSAR / Ultrasonic measurement products.


In May 1999 Mega Measurements acquired Pulsar Process Measurements Agency for Sub-Saharan Africa. Pulsar is technologically advanced and is the specified Continuous & Point level measurement Instrument supplier of products in the range of Contact Measurement, flow measurement, Non Contact Level Measurement and Flow Measurement Equipment.

Today Mega Measurements is a leading supplier of measuring tools to South Africa. Products are distributed across all industries and specialising in Open channel flow measurement and Non Contact-Ultrasononic level measurement.

Mega Measurement has national representation of its products in all major industrial areas. It is a member of several industrial organisations in South Africa including the chemical, mining, water and waste industries.

Amongst our “Blue Chip” customers, Pulsar was the specified Level Measurement Instrumentation supplier to two large expansions, namely Everite and ERWAT, Waterval Sewerage Works, smaller projects include supplying: Johannesburg Water (Pty) Ltd, Erwat, De Beers Consolidated Mines, D.W.A.F & Eskom.

We are currently looking for sub-distributors north of the South African borders. Please contact Kevin Sacke on 083 229 3311 for additional information.